CARFER Shoes owner of Industrial Engineers M. Selman Eryılmaz, winter footwear providing information about the trends of the season, shared the goals of the company and the shoe industry related views.

Winter shoes and boots along with the approaching winter needs of citizens is increasing. CARFER Shoes owner of Industrial Engineers M. Selman Eryılmaz, winter footwear providing information about the trends of the season, shared the goals of the company and the shoe industry related views. M.sel financing Eryılmaz, as CARFER Shoes, stating that the Eryılmaz name with a history from 1950 until today, said that participating in the 3rd Generation shoemakers. Eryılmaz, "Shoemaker, a profession from my father and my grandfather before me in her earlier. Previously, as a company engaged in the wholesale footwear industry we serve. Lack that the sector has demonstrated in those days, good goods deficit in the market, the small producers and the company with the loss of importance of the wholesale business, we decided to and branding to make our own production, "he said.
Eryilmaz that information on winter footwear, friction-enhancing slippery floors, said adhesion in excess of the base using the classic shoe without compromising the look of the shoes they produce. Eryılmaz, "We use the waterproof leather boots. Otherwise, it reveals rubber-based products, slightly rounded nose as mold, are producing swollen toe shoes with light patterns. Colors as navy, burgundy, green and brown tones stands out in our shoes. Especially for the lack of foot odor, we recommend that our customers 100 percent inner and outer lining of the skin. When using products other than skin, occur because foot sweat odor absorption. Therefore, consumers are always able to complain, "he said.
In the footwear sector one year 2 season Eryilmaz stating that lately season of intertwined and that it has had the effect of seasons. The main factor is the change in people's consumption figure connecting Eryılmaz, "It used to be a man contemplating a summer to a winter shoe-making is now frequently changing shoes today and consuming was a young profile," he said. Featured products in order to be taken as a result they received series production transfer Eryılmaz, saying they deactivate other models, only the base of the shoe production and said that not just the skin. Eryılmaz, "When you examine the production of shoes and at least 250 different hand touched again we are talking about a product consisting of 250 different materials in the same way. Shoes can never be reduced to a simple, "he said.
OUR PRODUCTS WE exported to many countries
Eryilmaz providing information about the shoes which have been produced, they have produced especially for guiding the shoes in shoe production and health in komforta group also said it managed to prevent foot odor while using air-conditioned floors. In the classic group of important days of people, special occasion Eryilmaz stating that they produce shoes can wear, also kejıl said different colors from each other, called the young people dressed to appeal to products stated that they prepare. Is the wide range of products in the production transfer Eryılmaz, "produced these shoes domestic dealers and street stores, while abroad, TRNC, Azerbaijan, Great Britain, Greece, South Korea, Saudi Arabia and Dubai are exported to many countries. 80 percent of our production for the domestic and overseas covers 20 percent. Our most important principle of footwear and technological developments closely following the domestic and overseas market to offer our customers the best quality service, "he said.
Today's fashion trend is Carf shoes that provide information about the owner of the industrial engineer M. Selman Eryılmaz, "you can see in the stores, we are producing shoe soles are made from the lightweight material that we call natural materials as thick EVA sole. Flexible and light emerges from the base of a different combination of different colors. One hundred percent natural leather we use in our products. Leather soles, and rubber we use poly. Icon in the shoes of the consumer and offer them with symbols, "he said.
As a family business for nearly 20 years, indicating that they have served with CARFER brand m.sel financing Eryılmaz, so CARFER brand to the parent group, the department stores and street shops said that they direct their own dealers. Product groups as classic, kejıl and comfort as Eryilmaz said the three were doing product in different groups, "Our whole goal is the production of renewing ourselves constantly advancing R & D activities and identifying the trends of the season to create our own collection. With this collection, creating the necessary R & D activities in Germany Italy and in the UK we get some new trends. That we have to produce products we're moving toward a world brand. With our experienced technical team is always moving towards becoming a quality and comfortable shoes manufacturers and are trying to take our place in the international market, however. Our in-house fashion and design together with our technical design and designers are moving quickly, especially in the way we have become the leader in Turkey, "he shared their views on the objectives. Finally CARFER Eryilmaz mention the shoes of the quality policy, quality policy consistently to customers, adding that it is to provide quality and affordable products.
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